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About Robert Hagaman

Robert Hagaman is a Toms River, New Jersey-based serial entrepreneur with more than twenty years of extensive experience working in the insurance industry, as well as professional experience in finance, real estate investment, and early childhood education. He is currently serving as the president and CEO of Hagaman Companies in Toms River, New Jersey. Robert manages the many companies under the Hagaman Brand including Hagaman Investments, Hagaman Property Development, Hagaman Facility Maintenance, The Learning Experience Child Pre-School Academy, Hagaman Enclosed Trailer Sales, Hagaman Transportation, and Hagaman Wholesale Carpet and Tile Distribution.

Robert’s primary goal throughout his career has been to ensure that his customers receive the most accurate information so that they can make informed decisions. Robert Hagaman has the opportunity to work with and assist people every day, dispelling much of the misleading information that is often associated with insurance. Most clients do not have a good understanding of the insurance options available to them, so Robert has the chance to help his clients learn and access the best quotes possible.

In addition to his work in the insurance industry, Robert is involved in real estate and his desire to help his clients is present in this industry as well. Since his early 20s, one of Robert’s goals was to invest in real estate. While it did not happen overnight, Robert Hagaman knew that good things take time and hard work. In 2010, Robert was finally to get involved with purchasing properties, fixing them up, and renting them out.

There is something so enthralling about getting your hands dirty and turning a weak foundation into something beautiful. Where others may see a rundown community, Hagaman Property Development sees opportunity. Ripping apart a dilapidated property and redesigning it to make it more livable is Robert’s favorite part of working in real estate. Many developers focus on rehabbing houses to flip and sell them to ultimately make a profit. This is not the same for Robert. Robert Hagaman and his team are invested in buying and rehabbing homes in the surrounding New Jersey communities and renting them out to the community. Making a previously uninhabitable property safe for a family to inhabit never fails to make Robert happy. It is incredibly satisfying to re-build a house and watch renters turn it into a home.

As the economy improves, Robert looks forward to his renters’ quality of life improving. Robert and his team have a vested interest in the communities where they purchase homes. Some developers focus on rehabbing homes and then selling them as quickly as possible. Robert Hagaman, though, enjoys renting out high-quality properties to community members and contributing to the strength of the community.

While working in real estate is a lot of fun and satisfying, one of the most difficult challenges is navigating the bureaucracy that’s associated with construction. Requesting and waiting for permits often unnecessarily delays the home rehabilitation process. However, Robert and his team work quickly and efficiently which helps them stay on track and properly handle any setbacks caused by red tape.

The most important lesson that Robert has learned while working in the real estate industry is that knowledge is essential to success. While Robert Hagaman wanted to get involved in real estate thirty years ago, lack of knowledge kept him from pursuing his dream. After putting in many hours to learn more about the industry and finance options, Robert was ready to take the leap and pursue his interest in real estate. Many people hesitate to get involved in real estate due to financial concerns. Yet, there are many different ways to finance real estate projects—it just takes time to learn about all of the various lending options that are available.

Robert Hagaman recognizes the importance of education and communication and the combined ability to lead one to success, no matter what field you work in. That is one of the many reasons he became the owner and president of The Learning Experience, a premier academy of early education. Early childhood is a time of remarkable brain development, and the education that children receive during these years establishes the foundation for their future growth, development and learning potential.

Robert believes that how children learn is as important as what they learn, and that is why TLE®’s educational programs are designed to inspire children’s love of learning through hands-on lessons that make their educational experience fun.

Robert Hagaman has invested in a range of industries, and for a good reason. He is passionate about helping others succeed and live their lives to the fullest potential, whether it is being knowledgeable and taking control of their insurance policy, living in a safe environment with a strong community, or ensuring that children receive the education that they deserve.

Robert created this blog to provide information related to real estate and entrepreneurship. To learn more about Robert’s involvement in the insurance industry and early childhood education, be sure to visit his insurance website.

About the Hagaman Insurance Group

Outside of real estate Robert’s focus is the Hagaman Insurance Group. The Hagaman Insurance Group prides itself on educating clients so that they can make the best insurance decisions. Although the company specializes in health and life insurance, the team of brokers that work at Hagaman Insurance Group is also knowledge of Medicare, dental, and final expense insurance as well as long-term care insurance. By visiting the Hagaman Insurance Group website, visitors gain access to free insurance quotes, and the site’s learning center which provides information on some of the most commonly asked insurance questions.