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When selling their home, the owners focus all their energy on the interior. They often think about the exterior at the last minute — when buyers are pulling up for the open house. Many sellers fail to realize that the curb appeal of their home is what made them curious about it in the first place. Curb appeal is the appearance of the home from the street. If the home looks nice, it has a great curb appeal. However, if your home can’t be seen from the street due to overgrown weeds, it has a bad curb appeal and will drive buyers away. Creating a great curb appeal for your home doesn’t take a lot of money or time. Here are the top eight curb appeal tricks you can do to secure a buyer.

  1. Inspect your property like a buyer. When you do this, it will be easy to create a list of the things that need to be fixed or updated. It will also point out things you didn’t know needed to be fixed or become potential problems.
  2. Cut back the overgrown shrubs and trim trees. If buyers can’t see the home, this gives the impression that the interior of the home is a mess too.
  3. Make your outdoor space inviting. The weather can do a number on your deck. Pressure washing it and restaining it will give it a new lease on life. To make it even more inviting, add some plants, an outdoor rug and new (inexpensive) seating. If there is space, add a chair (and table) to the front porch.
  4. Clean up the yard. Before an open house, mow the lawn and put away the kids’ bikes and toys away. Don’t forget to trim the edges!
  5. Redo your entry. A brightly painted door is always welcoming. Add some color by planting flowering plants near the front door or in planters. It’s also inexpensive to replace the door mat and door fixtures.
  6. Open up your windows. How do your window treatments look from the street? If they look worn, you should replace them. You should also take a good look at your windows. Over the years, your house has settled and may have caused window panes to crack.
  7. Give your mailbox a second look. Does the flag on your mailbox work? Is the paint peeling or the plastic fading? Replacing your mailbox is an easy fix. Planting flowers around it or placing decorative stones will add style to it as well.
  8. Remove lawn ornaments or religious symbols. Although they are decorative, they will make your house stick out in the neighborhood. During the selling process, it is best if the lawn is free of clutter (e.g. statues) and lightly landscaped.