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The Importance of Communication in Any Industry

Having worked in a variety of fields, time and time again people wonder what makes a person successful. To that I say, it always comes back to communication. Knowing how to properly communicate in person and through phone, email, and social media will help you get hired, score a promotion, and find success in your career.

Produces and preserves strong relationships

Almost every industry requires you to engage with another person. From sales to education, good communication is vital. Without effective communication skills, it is difficult to develop and maintain strong working relationships.

Creates a space to foster innovation

Good communication encourages employees to share their thoughts and ideas, engage in discussions, and foster innovation. If employees don’t feel comfortable doing this, not only are their ideas not reaching their full potential, but the company could be losing out on a ground-breaking idea.

Builds camaraderie in the workplace

Effective communication results in a boost in employee morale. When communication is encouraged and teams believe they are well informed about the company’s direction and overall goals, employees are more likely to feel secure in their position and many times, their work ethic increases.

Helps with employee management

Lack of communication between leaders and staff contributes to the inability to effectively inform staff of their responsibilities, provide feedback, and more. It is crucial for leaders to maintain good communication so that responsibilities are accurately conveyed, constructive feedback is provided, better relationships are built, and goals are achieved.

Reflects transparency

If you’ve ever worked at a company that didn’t inform you of matters that directly affected your job in a timely manner, you know how frustrating that can be. Good communication, internally and externally, establishes trust in your brand and between employees and higher management. When it comes time for more difficult decisions to be made, leaders that are transparent will have a better time of explaining why.