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One facet of technology that is commonly overlooked is the ease with which worldwide communications can be established. In the real estate market, this might seem like a nice convenience, but may not present an immediate benefit, at least for those unacquainted with what mobile communications can actually do. Any real estate agent will tell you selling a home is about establishing a relationship, but they will also tell you it is about getting the buyer into the home economically and on the right schedule.

There are few remote methods of connecting a buyer with a home that are more effective than what is possible with today’s communications technology. Throw in the speed with which a deal can be closed with the right software, and it is no mystery why some agents and sellers can move properties so quickly.


Imagine a world where you could tour a house in a different state while having a conversation with your real estate agent, who just happens to be the one carrying the camera around the house you want to buy? That’s the power of telepresence. This kind of real-time video communications technology has been the holy grail of telephony since the earliest science fiction stories of the 19th and 20th centuries. While we aren’t using it to place phone calls from Earth to Mars yet, we are definitely using it to close some rather large financial deals like home purchases.

Augmented Reality

Now that you’ve seen your new house, what if you could furnish it with ten different decorators’ visions and create photo albums of all the rooms, the yard, and your new pool? This is what is already possible with something called Augmented Reality. Using a plain mobile phone as a lens, not only can you see imaginary objects right in front of you, but you can transmit those pictures and even video over mobile networks. A real estate agent could show their buyer an imaginary house, or several imaginary houses with a simple swipe or two.

Society is still coming to grips with mobile technology and how worldwide communications, GPS services, and e-commerce will fit into our daily lives. The results of all these advancements will be better opportunities and easier sales and deal-making across all kinds of industries and services.