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About Robert Hagaman

Robert Hagaman has worked in the insurance industry for twenty years. Today he works as the president and CEO of Hagaman Insurance Group, based in Toms River, New Jersey. In addition to his work in the insurance industry, Robert is involved in real estate. Since his early 20s, one of Robert’s goals was investing in real estate. However, it wasn’t until 2010 that Robert finally got involved with purchasing properties, fixing them up, and renting them out.

Ripping apart a dilapidated property and redesigning it to make it more livable is Robert Hagaman’s favorite part of working in real estate. Making a previously uninhabitable property safe for a family to inhabit never fails to make Robert happy. While working in real estate is a lot of fun and satisfying, one of the most difficult challenges is navigating the bureaucracy that’s associated with construction. Requesting and waiting for permits often unnecessarily delays the home rehabilitation process. However, Robert and his team work quickly and efficiently which helps them stay on track and properly handle any setbacks caused by red tape.

The most important lesson that Robert Hagaman has learned while working in the real estate industry is that knowledge is essential to success. While Robert wanted to get involved in real estate thirty years ago, lack of knowledge kept him from pursuing his dream. However, after learning more about the industry and finance options, Robert was comfortable with pursuing his interest in real estate. Many people hesitate to get involved in real estate due to financial concerns. Yet, there are many different ways to finance real estate projects—it just takes time to learn about all of the various lending options that are available.

As the economy improves, Robert Hagaman looks forward to his renters’ quality of life improving. Robert and his team have a vested interest in the communities where they purchase homes. Some developers focus on rehabbing homes and then selling them as quickly as possible. Robert, though, enjoys renting out high-quality properties to community members and contributing to the strength of the community.

About the Hagaman Insurance Group

Outside of real estate Robert’s focus is the Hagaman Insurance Group. The Hagaman Insurance Group prides itself on educating clients so that they can make the best insurance decisions. Although the company specializes in health and life insurance, the team of brokers that work at Hagaman Insurance Group is also knowledge of Medicare, dental, and final expense insurance as well as long-term care insurance. By visiting the Hagaman Insurance Group website, visitors gain access to free insurance quotes, and the site’s learning center which provides information on some of the most commonly asked insurance questions.